day 5: stanthorpe

Unsurprisingly, Stanthorpe was the coldest night of the Big Lift. We'd been guessing this based on the reactions of every single person we told we were going to Stanthorpe ("You're going to Stanthorpe? That'll be a bit chilly!") and so waking up to find frost covering the soccer field at the club where we were staying wasn't too shocking.

Following a somewhat loaves-and-fishes breakfast, most of the team boarded the bus to go to our next projects, at the Girraween National Park and the Stanthorpe Community Gardens. 18 students went to the Girraween National Park, moving and sandbagging decomposed granite to help recover the popular Junction Track that was affected by the January floods. The Community Gardens team built a rammed earth wall, dug trenches to drain water away and laid the groundwork for new garden beds. A small number of Big Lifters stayed behind to mow the lawns and do maintenance at the Balladean Soccer Club, where we had stayed the night before.

We set off early in the afternoon for our return to the Big City (and beds and showers and personal space), Brisbane. However, our return was stymied by an hour-long traffic jam at Cunningham's Gap where the January foods had destroyed a large part of the cliff and taken the road with it. However, being industrious Big Lifters we took the opportunity to enjoy ourselves and ended up meet a charming young man called Deklan and having a dance-off on the road between his car and the bus! See this tweet for a bit more understanding :)

We did finally reach Brisbane and check into the Novotel, where many, many pizzas were eaten and the showers were very quickly raided. Many Big Lifters decided to venture out into the not-as-cool night and ended up receiving a shuffling lesson from a local busker and a few brave individuals took a dip in the beach at Southbank!

Gonna put it out there, it was a very good day for the Big Lift!