day 6: brisbane

Brisbane was the first sleep in for anyone on the Big Lift - and for uni students, 9am doesn't even really count as a sleep in! Either way, most were up early enough to join the group for breakfast and prepare for the unprecedented challenge of the "Bigmazing Race" that would begin at 10:30 with a clue slipped under each door.

The teams had to decipher a number of clues that would lead them to QUT, a Starbucks, Brisbane City Hall and finally Mount Coothha for a team lunch. Every single member of the team made it to the Botanical Gardens at the bottom of the mountain, where over a picnic an incredible idea for a random act of kindness blossomed... A flashmob.

After a short choreography session, some intensive rehearsal, and a unanimous decision that the Ben and Jerry's stall at Brisbane City Hall would be the ideal location, the team set off to make some people's days. From visiting nurses and other hospital staff to handing out balloons to children on the street, the Big Lift team went about their "Random Act's of Kindness" with gusto. And then 4pm struck.

LMFAO's "Parry Rock Anthem" started playing from the Ben and Jerry's stall (who had kindly agreed to help us after hearing about out plight on twitter).

A small group of blue-shirted individuals appeared together in the middle of the square, half-dancing, half-swaggering.

More blue-shirted dancers appeared from no-where to fill out the modest crew to a more substantial crowd.

This sizable number blasted out their moves in unison, surprising, confusing and delighting onlookers.

And they dispersed as quickly as they'd appeared.

That was our flashmob, and we all thought we did an amazing job :)

We regrouped at the Novotel afterwards to debrief, everyone still reveling in the thrill and spontaneity or what we'd just done. After showers all around we headed out for a Chinese banquet and karaoke, which proved to be another strong point of the Big Lift team. Everyone agreed it was a most excellent day.