day 7: valla beach

Again we were up early to push off for our final stop on the Big Lift, Valla Beach. The late arrival home of many team members had left them pining for sleep and in their exhaustion, most had foregone brekkie for an extra half hour sleep. This led to a fortuitous stop at a McDonalds along the Pacific Mortorway - where about 15 minutes were spent eating before the group launched into another flashmob!

We continued our journey, and launched the 2011 season of 'Bus Idol', a TBL tradition where each team member has to get up and perform a song (either as a solo or group performance). We heard exciting numbers such as "Eye of the Tiger", "Crush" by Mandy Moore and "Bring It All Back" by S-Club 7 before our stop in Byron Bay.

Our 45 minutes in Byron proved refreshing for everyone, but particularly for those who decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have a dip at the beach. And of course, what would a Big Lift rest stop be without a flashmob? Performed on the beach to stunned onlookers, shuffling in sand proved to be somewhat challenging for the legs of a number of participants!


The next leg of the journey provided more 'Bus Idol' classic hits, including Simon and his hand-crafted rap, and a number of soulful duets. Our lunch break at Grafton featured yet another flashmob, this time sadly shut down by a reluctant security guard.

We finally reached Valla Beach at about 6pm, after an incredibly entertaining day. The fun didn't stop there however, as the finals of 'Bus Idol' took place at the Valla Beach Superdome (aka the hall at our accomodation). Each finalist team was dressed by their own group of personal stylists (aka other Team members making clothes out of newspaper), and the competition was on, with each group performing original songs. Sophie and Bec, the dulcet duo on guitar won 'Bus Idol' to tumultuous applause from the audience.

Following the incredible performances was dinner for the (starving) group and a couple of reflective activites, and the night was finished (for some) with a bonfire on the beach. The next day, for a number, was also begun on the beach, staying up to watch the sunrise over the water - a beautiful way to begin the final day of the Big Lift.