day 8: the last leg

There's not a lot to say about the final day of the Big Lift. This is why:

Exhaustion had overwhelmed every single person on the trip, and a good portion of the day was spent sleeping on the bus. After all, a week of late nights, early mornings and hard physical labour are not the usual realms of the uni student!

The second half of the trip also provided an opportunity to reflect upon and share what the Big Lift meant to each team member, with everyone providing a few "Words of Wisdom" to the bus.

As we pulled into Jones St in Sydney to unload the bus for the final time, it was a bittersweet moment for many. There were a few tears (even from those you wouldn't expect them from), many goodbyes and promises to "see you super soon". For every single person on that bus (and for many who weren't on the bus as well), the Big Lift 2011 proved to be an opportunity to change perspectives, grow a bit, and most importantly, Dream Big.