guest blog: gemma

The Bigmazing Race was so much fun. I loved my team and how was all really got into the experience.

There was a really funny and stressful moment when we were waiting at the bus stop to go to Mt Cooth-ha. we realised that one of our clues was incorrect and we had to find a Starbucks, überfast. I ran into a shop and asked where I could find one. Luckily, there was one just around the corner. 

I ran so fast, and burst into the store and grabbed a cup as proof that I'd been there. I ran back to my group and their cheers and encouragement spurred me on - this really helped bring our group together.

We completed the race in first place and we were so proud of each other. I loved this experience and the lessons I learnt. We worked together not only as a team but also as friends. A big "YEAH BUDDY" to Mel and Glenn for a creative, enjoyable and memorable activity.

Gramatically-correct Gemma.