day 3: narrabri

After a cool night at the Nurruby Childcare centre filled with activities and fun, the Big Lift team woke up to a stunning frosty Narrabri morning. After a speedy breakfast and pack up, we split into two groups to begin our service projects for the day.

The first group of 15 went to the Narrabri Ability Support Service, a group home for women. They shoveled 6 tonnes of dirt, weeded garden beds, and did other maintenance odd-jobs around the place. The second group, occupying the rest of the bus team, assisted at the Mercy Respite village, doing similar tasks as well as constructing a fence. The whole team ended the work on a very satisfied high.

After our activities were complete, we set off for Warialda. On our way we went through Moree, stopping at the Artesian Baths as a reward for all our hard work. Everyone loved the hot, relaxing water and the second half of the bus trip was filled with a whole bunch more sleeping people than before!

Upon our arrival at Warialda we were treated to a feast of roast lamb, beef and potatoes, peas, mixed vegies, and steaming bowls of fresh veggie soup - most if these ingredients were sourced from within 100km for Warialda and were cooked fresh on the day by our generous hosts. We followed dinner with a huge Big Lift Olympics, involving events like Song Wars (each team invents a song), 3-legged races and tunnel ball. Competition was fierce but in the end team "Big Pyramids" was triumphant. After awarding the prizes (big tubs of lollies!) the team retired for tea and Milo around the fire drums and finally our sleeping bags.