guest blog: phoebe

On the way to Brisbane and we've already lifted big.

We've just been held up for an hour in Cunninghams Gap. A landslide and major rock fall during the floods earlier in the year has so far proven near impossible for the QLD govt to fix - causing huge delays as traffic is allowed through one lane at a time along the narrow winding road.

Little Declan from the magna in front of us suddenly jumped out of his car
Thus ensued a dance-off between Harold and Little-D, Pip and Little-D, Glenn and D-Man as well as Bec and the mini shuffler.
He won them all, in between sips of 'V', but was no match for the A Team effort of the Big Lift shufflin' crew.
We got up, got down, and moved our hands up to the sound.
Soundly beaten by numbers.

In other news...
We've now finished almost all our projects - certainly all those organized for small town by each member of the crew. We're tired, pretty cold, and looking forward to sleeping in a bed for a couple of nights. Warialda and Stanthorpe were very successful, more news on that to come soon.

Bus Idol is up and running - so far Pip and Nadeshda - or Lil Girlz - scored 7.5 "dazzles" (our bus driver Darren's score out of 10), while Henry is belting out a rendition of Richard More's Right Here Waiting to a bus going wild - score: 8.5 for added audience love.

More to come soon.
Loving TBL love!

Phoebe xx