guest blog: pip

Before going on the Big Lift, I have to say I was a borderline skeptic. That's right, a self-confessed skeptic. It was my ever-so-fleeting excitement on that fateful day that I found the Big Lift and Big Lift found me that is saving me from man's biggest shame - bring completely and entirely (note my use of two interchangeable words for dramatic effect) WRONG.

In the days approaching the ominous Big Lift departure morning, my mind and body were relenting to the overpowering forces of laziness and second-guessing - thank goodness the Big Lift and I were financially involved! However, the Big Lift has left me feeling s incredibly affected that I can't help but break every rule in the writers bible with the kind of words that are spoken in every terrible rom-com and repeated in second-rate Facebook statuses. You can take this as a warning that the following sentences contain more than a trace of cliché.

So far, the Big Lift has been as much a physical journey of laborious, get-your-hands-dirty community service projects and sweaty, smelly, unkempt uni kids as much as it has been an emotional one. Filled with so much joy, laughter, dancing (in the middle of a moving bus!), singing (by both the vocally gifted and vocally challenged) and love that it almost feels invalid to say that at each and every stop we've given something very precious to those who really need it. Maybe that's because we're getting so much back.

HOWEVER, the Big Lift is only halfway through and more of a glass-half-full type of girl so I only have two words for you: