TBL at O-Day

What a success! The Big Lift had over 130 sign-ups at UTS Orientation day last Wednesday. The team of awesomeness included some of this year’s leaders Tuan, Henry, Pawel, Emma, Ally and we were positively BLUEming with excitement in our shirts at our big and bright stall. A big thanks TBL 2.0’s Simon and Fiona who even stopped by to lend us a hand!

People were signing up left right and centre lured by Sarah’s bellowing cries of ‘WANNA GO ON A ROAD TRIP!?’. A few had already heard of TBL, how fantastic! They were eager to jump on board. To those that asked ‘Whats the Big Lift’ one of the crew members would eagerly tell them all about us while trying to contain their verbal diarrhoea.

Overall it was a great day! TBL is now well underway for 2012!

Stall ~ 107.jpg

By Sophie Saville