Day 3. Blue Bus - Wallabadah to Bingara

HOLLLAAAAAA from the first guest bloggers to grace your screens, Raving Riarne and Gregarious George. We're here to give you the real story of what went down with the Blue Bus Big Lifters on the 9th July.


"It's just like we are in Titanic", is what woke us up this morning in a cool frosty Wallabadah (reference - Rose & Jack car scene). After a hearty homemade porridge with local honey (the breakfast of champions), we were set for a big day ahead. A game of Little Sally Walker (see our YouTube video!) warmed us up and we split into the following 4 groups: gardening, painting, mulching and to-dos in the community.

Abandoned by Will and Steph, Emma, Marlena and the two of us were left to sort through the school clothing pool. Rummaging through jumpers, shirts, shorts and miscellaneous items the four of us feel set to take on the retail world. After doing an amazing job with the rearranging we decided to reward ourselves with a Victoria Secret Fashion Parade. Giselle, Miranda, Heidi and Adriana donned the various Wallabadah outfits only to be snapped by local paparazzi for the school newsletter.


When we recovered from the strenuous catwalks, the girls joined the boys for gardening and handiwork. Thinking we were invincible, we chose to go without gloves to varnish the school bench that had been previously donated by Year 6 of students of 2008 (the whole 8 of them!!). A total of 10 splinters, tweezers and a "Pig Stabber" I, Riarne - proved myself to be a worthy doctor to a continuously gagging patient!

After a delicious lunch provided by Will and Steph, who took it upon themselves to go into the town for us, and a lovely thank you speech from Pip to Nikki and other local residents, we farewelled Wallabadah, inspired by their school motto 'Small School, Big Opportunities'. Boarding the bus smelly, sweaty and tired, we used the trip to hear the different perspectives of the day. Frank's strength, Neil and Nero's sandcastle abilities and the artistic painters were all highlights and we were very jealous to hear about the home made morning tea received at Moira's place.


During a quick detour via The Golden Guitar we were reunited with our frenemies (The White Bus!) where we had some group photos with the bus song - "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen in case you forgot!! After listening to some lovely singing, rapping and a dance we arrived in Bingara to be met by our hosts at the Roxy Theatre. We received a warm welcome accompanied by videos and photos of the area. We were lucky enough to be treated to a delightful buffet and a smorgasbord of desserts. Despite our full bellies, two crazy techni-coloured sports fanatics filled the theatre and Big Lift 2012 Olympics were on 'like donkey kong' :)


With games such as First Base, Over & Under and The Power of Three, giggles and fun times were guaranteed. After many challenges we were amazingly left with a tie. To decide the winner the classic Australian Wheelbarrow Race really set the teams apart. Pawel's team took home the gold but as the reflections showed we all came out as winners.

Today was a massive day and we believe that everyone really stepped up to the plate and embodied what 'The Big Lift' is all about. Absolutely pooped and in desperate need of a shower we are signing off for the night. Can't wait for tomorrow and we hope to grace your screens sometime soon. Riarne & Georgia x

ps- TBL Blue Bus 2012 you're all amazing. Sssstop it!

By Riarne Gale & Georgia Carter