Day 5. White Bus - Mungindi to Brisbane

Guest blogger - Jing (international student)

A big "Bonjour" and hug from the white bus big lifters. When the night sky started falling down we arrived in Mungindi at around 7pm on July 10th. Everybody was so excited to find out that we were greeted by a great hall with a big kitchen and 15 air conditioners....AND the biggest surprise was plenty of thick soft mats, we finally didn't need to lay on the cold ground any more.

With the warm night wind and lovely free chatting, we had a nice rich dinner which was provided by the friendly locals of Mungindi. "The situation is getting better and better" is what everyone was constantly repeating with there big smiles. After a crazy free time session of hoola hoop jumping, the first activity of the evening started. We were allocated in 4 groups and passed the question ball, with which, we shared a lot about our attitudes and stories of life. It was great way to get to know more about each other. We really enjoyed it, especially the "bus crush" question. LOL

Then the second activities was next when everyone was told to close their eyes and stand in the order of their birthday dates. We built up a circle with the shining candles in front of us. The atmosphere became quiet as the lights were turned off. Then we shared the most struggling point of ourselves, it related to the family, friendship and of course life. We saw and felt each others sorrow, but by the end we knew we still had each other. Understanding belief and trust would overcome all difficulties and hardships. We finished the night with a great big hug!

Speaking of our service project at Mungindi, everybody did a great job "Yeh buddy". Some of us cleaned up shrubs. Some dealt with the soil delivering, some were focusing on gardening. We made the playground for the kids at the church. Everyone enjoyed the fun of serving public. " This blue shirt has magic" I once told the others that freedom, selflessness and love would always be the spirit of the whole team.
These days will be the last couple days of staying in the country, as my exchange semester finished already. The last precious memory of Australia would be the TBL trip which would always be the sparkle of my 2012.

I'm writing this at 1am on the 12th of July. Two buses have met each other for hours in Brisbane. Two more days together, this last dance, let's finish it in grace and honor.

Much love,

By Jing Zhu