Day 5. Blue Bus - Goondiwindi to Brisbane

Our day began with a crew prank which the team weren't too excited about. After Will and Steph told everyone they could sleep in til 10am everyone went to need so excited for a longer sleep.. Little did they all know - it was all a massive GOTCHA! At 8am the crew pumped Carly Rae through the speakers and got everyone out of bed in seconds. But what the crew didn't know is that Rob our coach driver was playing a trick of his own- breakfasted, packed and waiting the TBL team was scratching our heads with shovels and spades in hand but no coach in sight.

After a luggage loading session so quick I'm certain Pawel has a career in F1 pit stops, we made our way through the sleepy town of Goondowindi towards the church. Here the TBL team split into two groups for maximum synergy and unrivaled efficiency- and also because we couldn't all fit in the church. In fact as Goondiwindi one of the smallest populations of rural towns, I'm certain they've never seen so many people together before, and armed with pitch forks, shovels and it took a little coaxing to convince them our blue army was there to help.

While one group toiled at the church, another group went around the town performing Random Acts of Kindness. This is a more interesting way of saying "doing something nice for someone", like helping them carry shopping to their car or buying them a coffee. While the small centre of Goondiwindi didn't necessarily lend itself to the best opportunities for performing good deeds without looking like a bunch of crazies, it was a good introduction for the team.

Finally it was time to hit the road for Brisbane, and with that came the opening of 2012's Bus Idol competition. There was a bunch of fantastic performances, including songs like a Uptown Girl, Smells Like Teen Spirit and I Just Can't Wait To Be King. The finalists selected, however, showed incredible talent and enthusiasm for their performances - Parinaz with a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and Pawel busting out Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake.

The competition wrapped up just as we pulling into Brisbane and made a surprise pit-stop at Mt Coot-tha to see the sparkling lights of Brisbane. for those who hadn't seen the city before, it was a very pretty introduction and for those that had it was a welcome sight. Cruising past the river to our accommodation where we would meet the white bus, everyone could help but look forward to hot showers and comfortable beds, as well as what the next few days would have in store.