Day 7. Blue & White Buses - Brisbane to Valla Beach

After yet another excellent night’s sleep with actual beds and hot shower, we all quickly departed Brisbane for Valla Beach. Lucky for us, our trip so far had not involved a great deal of driving each day. Nevertheless, it was going to be a long drive back across to the NSW border and onto Valla Beach. With the long drive ahead of us, much of the time was spent singing, dancing, talking and some activities.

On our way to Valla Beach, together with the Blue Bus, we made the trip up to Byron Bay Lighthouse. For me, who has never gone to Byron Bay, it was so much fun and great to see the spectacular view. Like in true TBL fashion, the opportunity to do a flash mob at the top could not be resisted so yet again we busted a bit of Carley Rae it out in front of a surprised crowd! After our short lunch stop we continued onto Valla Beach where the crew was able to teach us some lyrics to their song and our Bus Idol contestants Petrafierce and Wam were able to practice their songs for Bus Idol against the Blue Bus.

After driving past the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour and ending up at our accommodation at Valla Beach, we got off and dumped our bags in the cabins whilst I and a few members of the Blue and White buses cooked up a BBQ dinner. That evening’s activities involved Bus Idol, in which the top two teams of both the Blue and White buses participated whilst the Crew and Ops of the White Bus sang a remake of One Direction’s One Thing. After Bus Idol the White and Blue bus split back into groups again where we participated in a number of activites. At the conclusion of the events some people stayed up all night mainly in front of the fire ready to watch the cloudy sunrise for the next morning whilst others needed to recharge their batteries ready for a long day of driving.

P.S. Remember White Bus, we all have our struggles, but just remember it’s how we can move on from our experiences because of the Big Lift, that counts! You guys are the best! Yeah Buddy!