Day 3. White Bus: Narrabri to Inglewood (via Moree)

After freezing our various hypothetical parts off in the morning chill, we enjoyed a breakfast of bacon and eggs provided by the local Lions Club. Then we split into two groups; One laden with shovels and mulch to rejuvenate the dozens of struggling saplings in the area (some could not be saved and memorial services were held), the other armed with white paint and brushes to liberate the corrugated iron shed from its cream/beige scheme. The gardeners returned early, with the result that nobody - but especially the shed - was left unpainted. In our Biggest Lift yet, part of the nearby grandstand was relocated to be used as an elevation aid - when sitting on the shoulders of taller Lifters wouldn't suffice. 

The Big Lift

After a well-deserved sausage sizzle, we departed for Inglewood, stopping at a naturally heated hot springs complex on the way for some R&R (and to get some of the paint off...with varying degrees of success). We arrived at about 6:30, and were greeted with sausages, steaks, salads and spacious sleeping quarters. Afterwards we competed, in teams, in the most important sporting event of the year - the TBL Olympics. The Super Bass Seven looked poised for success, but in the deciding moments, team Dragon pulled in front and won the coveted bubble trophy. Attitudes ranged from mock competition to thoroughly bewildered, but good sportsmanship was displayed by all. After a card game or two, warming ourselves by the fire and tearing our hair out over riddles (I am flying to Geneva, where are you going? Wherever Lou lets us fly!), we rested our weary, paint-flecked selves...

...or would have, if it weren't for the UNBEARABLE SNORING! 

By Jubilant John