Colour me pink (and blue and yellow and green) !

We ran, we saw, we coloured.

The Big Lift Team prepped their t-shirts and were pumped for some serious colouring to help raise money for Heartkids Australia. This amazing charity provides funding to decrease the incidence of childhood heart disease and provides support to the families of children with it.

TBL 2 .jpg

Described as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, the 2013 Sydney Colour Run definitely lived up to its own hype! The only rules were clean white t-shirts at the starting line and by the end to resemble something of a psychedelic rainbow.

After a late start thanks to some who slept in (sorry!), the team waited with some 20,000 other runners to get to the starting line. With colour zones every 1k we didn’t have to run for long before the smurf village appeared (blue zone). Those who weren’t satisfied with their level of rainbowness, rolled around on the ground in the residual colour or had handfuls thrown at them. Once we were well smurfed we ran off to the pink party, then on to get fake tanned at the orange zone and waded through yellow to the beats of yellow submarine. Even the traffic police got in on the fun taking photos with colour runners and getting a new paint job on their car.

Nothing could have prepared us for the finishing line though. Given a packet of our own colour at the start and told to hang on to it till the end, there was just a sea of powdered colour in eyes, in hair, on clothes, in the air – everywhere! With stupidly big grins we joined the festival where there was music, slushies and a photobooth to capture the true extent of our transformation from white to wacky!

Great way to start the TBL year :) 

TBL 4 .jpg