Day 2. Blus Bus: Denman to Wee Waa (via Tamworth)

Guest Blog from Blue Lifter, Freddy.

Hello happy blog-readers! Freddy here, guest typing on behalf of the amazing TBL Blue Bus.  So to recap Day 2, we start in the quaint, little town of Denman. After getting a reasonable night’s sleep in the town hall (ignoring Ketaki’s chirping phone going off at 5am), Lifters were awoken by the insanely loud GOOD MORNING chants, sung by our ever-lovely Crew. 

Breakfast was demolished, teeth were brushed, bags were packed, games were played and we were separated into groups to head off to our service projects: Sarah accompanied four Lifters to the elusive Community Garden (which Lifters has to locate the previous day); Pip and Pam got their green on, planting trees, while Riarne, Wilson and Pawel took the rest of the Lifters to the local age-care facility to get in touch with the towns history.

Sarah’s gang met with some locals to undertake tasks as mulching, watering plants, and the renovation of a shed – fitted out with new shelves put together by our resident engineers Karina and Roy! A notable mention goes to Alexander who transformed into a horse for an hour and proceeded to give ponyrides to the local two year olds who couldn’t resist but being ridiculously adorable!


Pip and Pam’s band of Lifters went out to a field on the outskirts of Denman, planting trees every few metres, helping out the generous Stepping Stone Project and leaving their little imprint on the town. For anyone passing through Denman stop off, have a yarn with the local, namedrop TBL and check up on how our mini plantation is going! 


While roots were being planted elsewhere, the Wilson’s gang were discovering about the roots of Denman from those who knew it best. Activities included gardening, cleaning windows and enjoying the company of some of Denman’s finest residents. One fun fact overheard, one of the oldest couples of Denman are both 96, and have been married for a massive 65 years!! Now that’s a love story.


After our service projects and a bit of tucker, we were off again! Next stop: Tamworth, the country musical capital of NSW. Here, TBL Blue and White both met up at the iconic Golden Guitar to catch up, and have a few photos taken, before travelling onto Wee Waa. Rumour has it that the Lifters from the White Bus may have been ran into NBN (the country’s equivalent to Channel Nine for those who don’t know).


Arriving in Wee Waa after dark, we were met with a raging bonfire – a sight that many welcomed - and freshly cooked dinner, also welcomed. The entire TBL gang (White Bus included) sat around the campfire, eating dinner, roasting marshmellows and having a grand ol’ time.  The night was wrapped up back in our little shed, where we all participated in some intimate, reflective activities. Heart-strings were tugged at and a tear or two may have been shed – a defining moment for our group, complimented by numerous group hugs.  


Til next time faithful readers. Well, maybe. I’m honestly not sure we’re going to survive the night in this cold, unheated shed but fingers crossed. #YouOnlyLiftOnce 

Stay tuned.

Freddy. x