Day 3. Blue Bus: Wee Waa to Glen Innes (via Moree)

Guest Blog from Blue Lifter, Alexander and his alter-egos.


No better way to awake after a cozy snooze in our overly unprepared outfits for slumber. I’d ticked off frost breath, jittering jaws and heard rumours of a couple fingers that went missing that night. Nevertheless, there was no shortage of eager lifters dousing their bread with copious amounts of nutella and peanut butter, so the smiles were a plenty.

We’d agreed a couple hours before that showers were a no-no in exchange for more sleep.

Note: Body odour is the biggest of wake up calls.

After a few cross gender visits to the male shower room to decipher the presence of a washing machine, the crew rounded us into a circle for some healthy energizer games. Props to Sarah and Wilson for their incredibly detailed whiteboard for the day’s agenda and introducing us all to the AWESOME spirit game known as “Wah!” (Seriously, it’s super awesome). 

After being introduced to our wonderful contact Sally, the group was split in two (I know, tragedy strikes again) to clean out stables, comb the Wee Waa showground for unwanted rubbish, shift tyres and siphon their new dressage arena for any remaining plunder that might cause boo boos for competing horses.

Note: Props to Freddy for the biggest find of the day (a possible buried murder weapon? CONSPIRACY) and for beating Sarah (wait no I can’t put that here I might not make it back next year, OH NO)

The Big Lift

Hi everyone, Alexander couldn’t finish this blog due to unforeseen circumstances; Ethan Cooper will be taking the reins. 

Edit: Sarah totally beat Freddy. He didn’t even stand a chance.

Hey yo, I was stuck raking dirt for a while but I guess it was pretty cool. Once I was done I’m pretty sure I’d brought the beach of a small volcanic island to the Wee Waa Showground; it was smooth and silky and to be perfectly honest, it made me pretty hungry. All the girls had ventured over our way after refurbishing around 150 horse stables’ manchester. They looked rather… complacent? I’m not really sure. Spending that much time around horse waste mustn’t be the most uplifting experience, but they seemed happy to come dig up thick goops of mud. Kudos to Jade for getting everyone on board with believing we were uncovering an alligator from the depths of the dressage. We grew rather frustrated with the lack of proper archaeological tools but hey, we’re only uni students. Shovels and fingertips seemed to work perfect. 

A quick fifteen minute intermission saw us record a few scenes for our TEAM BLUE TBL SONG OF THE YEAR MUSIC VIDEO watch this space… it’s gonna be SO FETCH.

The Big Lift

Lunch was upon us and it was great. Hands down. I can’t preach enough about how much rural Australia has taught me of the decadence that mustard wields. Mustard, when I return to Sydney, I grant you table presence on all occasions. 

The clock ticked over and sent us packing the bus. Sally witnessed an epic game of WAH! mixed with a spice of ginger.

Note: I know you probably won’t understand that.

I talked for about an hour with my accountability buddy JP about food and how owls are the deciding species in an epic war of which beast could overthrow humanity.

Note: Get the owls on your side.

We made our way to the Artisan pools of Moree after a few members came down with a super quick flu for three hours (biology is weird). Kudos to geothermal activity for making time for some epic R&R. Being denied a shower by overbearing women’s bathroom lines, Eloise took some persuasive mastery to reel into the pool (with five minutes to go).

Note: It’s not peer pressure if you love it 

By the time we arrived in Glen Innes, the majority of our team had re-energised with some epic power naps. Kudos to mother nature for treating us to some… shall we say fresh night air? The food was great and, can I just say, the people were AMAZING. Definitely on par with the high standard Wee Waa left us with; always happy to talk, always happy to feed, always happy to help and keepers of the precious ore that goes by the guise of “Ice Cream”.

We retreat back to our cabin for some legendary laughs to be made. The Headline? Stick around for all the deets…