Day 5 & 6. White Bus: Millmerran to Brisbane

After travelling from the little town of Millmerran the Big Lifters braced themselves to see the sights of Brisbane with our first stop at Mount Coo-tha. The amazing outlook made everyone stop worrying about emotional werewolves and instead took selfies and group shots in true TBL fashion. 

Later, we checked into our amazing apartments, which to our surprise had beds, showers, a kitchen, balcony, tables... TBL Luxury!

After getting settled, we headed to the Podium for some pizza followed by birthday cake to celebrate Little Sally Walker's (aka Johnny) 22nd Birthday!!! It was approximately 8:26pm when the President released us of our dry spell and announced the rest of the night as free time! Yeah buddy! 

The Big Lift

We played some Korean games complimentary of Eve and had a great night out where Chris and Sunil danced their booties off and walking backwards became easier!! Unfortunately, at this time poor Diana was in hospital recovering from a dislocated knee after literally walking across the road!

The next morning we awoke from our comfortable and warm beds without hearing the infamous GOODMORNING chant and having people creep up to you while you try and savour a few more minutes of sleep! However, we did have to be up and ready for 9am to participate in the one and only Amazing Race. We played blackjack with a leopard and a hamster that were mute, pictures with statues, singing "one way or another" with randoms, trying to work out where the largest organ in a church might be by googling Brisbane Priests with large organs! 

We then got wet trying to find a key that would unlock the box, but of course these things take time. Sarah continuously reminded us to do it nice and slow and it should all happen naturally! Of course when we finally got it, we felt like we had just won the soccer world cup cross US Presidency cross Master Chef 2013 finalist cross getting in to the Big Lift. We then crossed some bridges while sighting a bubble bee and a cat sitting around followed by a challenge that I never thought I could do - let's just say it was filling and festy... And then we were headed for our final destination... Brisbane's Beautiful Botanical Garden's.

The Big Lift

After finishing the Amazingly Long Race ( approx 300 minutes) we sat back and enjoyed the scenery and each others company. We held an awards ceremony for the winners and they kicked off a yummy lunch made up of wraps and soft drink... No sausages (still not sure whether that is a good or bad thing?)

As dusk approached, we performed random acts of kindness such as handing out flowers to strangers, offering free hugs and complimentary balloons, sharing kind messages on post it notes and much more. This experience was definitely fulfilling for us Big Lifters as we lit up the faces of others and of course we had a great time doing it!

Together we ventured to the Fortitude Valley for a TBL Family Dinner! Both buses attended and together we had a few speeches, laughs and plenty to eat! We then tried to go to Cloudland but due to our 'too casual' sense of style after 5 days out in rural Australia we ended up somewhere less fancy! 

After little sleep, we all hopped on the bus leaving Ange, Eloise and Michelle in Brisbane. And then we were off to the next leg of our trip, Valla Beach...

By Nice Natalia