Day 7 & 8. White Bus: Brisbane to Valla Beach

What a night! I had dreaded Valla Beach the whole week- only for one reason. That is, that it was the final night and I sure as hell did not want this trip to end! I had spoken to various comrades and we all came to one conclusion-to make the night last as long as possible.

The Big Lift

We began with all sorts of crazy games we’d learnt over the week, and the talents of both the White and Blue bus were put on display as we challenged each other with ‘Little Sally Walker’, ‘Ninjas’ and of course, ‘The Ginger Game’ (I still don’t really understand this game, but that’s okay). It was interesting to see how comfortable we had become around each other, atleast compared to that first morning at uni!

We went and inhaled many sausages, sang around the tables and reminisced a little more on the week, complaining it was ending. I actually spent most of the week complaining it was ending, dang! After dinner we returned to the hall to view the finale of ‘Bus Idol’, where we were touched by various artists from both buses. Shout out to the ‘Bye, Bye Miss American Pie’ team- Victory!

That was a great bonding session between both buses- it really showed off every bodies talents, *cough cough*- enhanced body parts.

And so came the intense times. Candlelit hall, silence, we could hear our sorrows in the air! Prepared for tears, I sat and waited eagerly for the call to cry. Alas! I was left the happiest girl on earth, as we all anonymously shared our love for eachother.

As we had resolved not to let the hours go to waste, we stayed up to the wee hours of the morning, determined to see the sun rise. We saw fellow lifters lose their battle with fatigue/overwhelming joy and drift off into a slumber, we saw others sneak out only to never return- but few remained victorious, and the sunrise was seen!

The Big Lift

We packed and departed, nervous about the drive home to Sydney. Reality was looming. As we exchanged our wise words and small gifts we found ourselves in the city of Sydney mercilessly embracing each other with our farewells. Next thing I knew, I was waking up the next day in my own bed.

The Big Lift was an experience I will never forget. The confidence it has given me is indescribable, the friends I have made I will have forever (I hope!) and I will certainly struggle settling back into my monotonous life. A big thankyou to all the crew members- you guys made this trip what it was and deserve all the credit. To all the lifters-

Baby(ies) you light up my world like nobody else

The way that you paint that wall gets me overwhelmed

But when you twerk it like that it aint hard to tell

You don’t know-oh oh!

You don’t know you’re beautiful!