Day 1. White Bus: Sydney to Aberdeen (via Newcastle)

Day one. Our eager eyes blinking through a haze of sleep deprivation, we arrived at our starting point, the UTS tower. After surviving energiser games in the chill, our buses felt like a warm haven. We were painfully torn in half, with the coolest kids making it onto the white bus and the rest stuck on the blue bus. Fortunately, we were reunited at our first stop: Newcastle.

With the sun in our eyes, we enjoyed lunch on the foreshore, the classic meat pie or subway sandwich, for most of us. After our brief rendezvous with vitamin D, we jumped back on the bus and headed straight to the country. For the white bus, our next stop was lovely little Aberdeen.

A scavenger hunt gave us the opportunity to explore the town, mingle with locals, and dance along the railway track. A hearty BBQ was generously provided by some of the locals, happy to welcome us into the town (considering Bob 'the newbie' has lived here for 15 years, it's possible they don't see a lot of fresh faces). Dinner was followed by more games, which allowed us to learn more about our fellow lifters.


Next was a brief period of reflection on leadership, and initial thoughts of random acts of kindness. We were then paired with accountabilibuddies, to chat about the past day. The welcoming nature of country townspeople truly shone through in Aberdeen. We have been given full reign of the council (/town) hall, two hot meals, and the locals were more than happy to share their stories with us as we scavenged the town. Time for some rest before we show them our gratitude through our community projects tomorrow.

By Jacinta