Day 2. White Bus: Aberdeen to Narrabri (via Tamworth)

At the crack of dawn, thirty odd unsuspecting young Big Lifters rose to the sweet tune we all so love- 'what makes you beautiful'. Trusting that the day would bring various other fun activities, we stumbled outside to the scent of sweet ol' bacon and egg sandwiches, what a delight! Whilst indulging in our second and third helpings of breakfast (supplied to us by the incredible Lions Club) we received a visit from none other than the famous Ken, resident poet!


Ode to Ken 

Oh, what a champion,

A man of Aberdeen he may be

An image of sweetness, and perhaps,

Old Australian chivalry?

He has the voice of an angel,

Though we couldn't quite hear...

It's easy to say, I at least would, that

Ken and his Lions are much

appreciated here.

After breakfast we went down to the local tennis courts to help paint the exterior of the children's play hall. It was so rewarding to finally take part in something that would justify the kindness that we received back at the hall. While we all painted quite nicely and did all we could to help them, still they met us with more generosity than we could have ever expected.


After a feed from the local mothers, we Big Lifters traveled to Tamworth...naturally here many a photo was had in front of the famous Golden Guitar.

We had a visit from NBN to boost our publicity, as well as a visit from our fellow friends The Blue Bus. We chanted about Ginger and Werewolves (still unsure about the ginger) and continued on to Wee Waa for a jolly BBQ with a few locals and the awesome blue bus. The fire warmed our bottoms and sent us on our way to Narrabri, where we will shower and sleep.

We had a great day that was largely influenced by the insane generosity of Ken and his trusty Lions comrades. It's safe to say that if the rest of the week is intended to be anything like this one, then we will have a trip to remember. You only lift once, so 'party, party, party til you see the sun'... And so on with appropriate dance jiggles.

By Loopy Lou