Day 7 & 8. Blue Bus: Brisbane to Valla Beach

After a night of exploring Brisbane’s nightlife, we packed our bags for the trip to Valla Beach, where we had cabins to stay in. In between, we stopped at Byron Bay for lunch and it was nice to be at a beach again after so many days inland.

In addition, we also completed “Bus Idol” and chose our winners, Edward who performed One Direction’s “Little Things” and Alexander who changed the lyrics to a song and made it Big Lift themed.



The final night at Valla Beach was also our final night on Big Lift and we were determined to go out with a bang. We had a barbecue for dinner, played a game of “ninja” and had a costume contest where we were to dress the winners of Bus Idol up using things like newspapers and balloons.

The next day we were on our way to Sydney. During the trip we gave out our “Words of Wisdom. Each of us stood up and gave one relatively inexpensive object to every person on the bus and shared with each other what this object meant to us. It was a meaningful time and we definitely knew more about each other after the activity.


The bus arrived outside UTS and the fact that The Big Lift 2013 was coming to an end sunk in. We lit the sparklers given to us by one of our fellow lifters Freddy and stood outside the UTS tower celebrating a successful trip. Tears streamed down our faces, as we could not contain our emotions. Perhaps no one else besides us can ever understand what this past week has meant to us and what we have managed to accomplish in such a short period. The knowledge that we will almost certainly be able to meet up again and take part in other community projects gave us the courage to finally go home and go back to our normal lives.

By Jonathan Zhang