In the very beginning 80 shy strangers were yet to know what crazy adventure was about to happen that would change them forever… As a result, 8 days later these 80 strangers have now become one as a family. This blog shall be about the last day of our amazing journey. It has become a tradition to do an all-nighter for sunrise. To keep us awake we played several activities, which included pictionary, huddling together in our sleeping bags and gossiping, and eating delicious smores (yeah buddy to Ronny for maintaining the fire to keep us warm!)

At 6am we headed towards to the beach. The weather was absolutely freezing, but it was all worth it! The scenery was absolutely stunning, and we felt well-rewarded for our vigil the previous night.

We then headed back to the community hall, where delicious pancakes with a choice of maple syrup or nutella were served by our fabulous crop members. I think that was the best breakfast they have ever served us; guessed they save the best till last after all!

Once breakfast was over it was time to pack our luggage. With heavy hearts, the two groups said their goodbyes and made their way to their buses, knowing that we were all going to head back home... 

On the way back to Sydney, we exchanged 45 little gifts with words of wisdom and wrote a letter to our future self in case we forgot how incredible this trip was. We later had a little surprise for our bus driver Garry and our Ops and Crew who have invested a lot valuable time and effort to make this journey happen. We are truly amazed by their wonderful talents and inspiring, bubbly outgoing personality. As we approached Sydney, we sang to our hearts content.

We couldn’t end our goodbyes just there, so dinner was a must!!! Two buses were finally able to reunite once again after seven hours on the road. Dinner was held at a wonderful Thai restaurant, where all us of hungrily devoured a feast. It was finally the time to say our proper goodbyes as each of us individually left the restaurant to head home.

TBL2014 comes to an end. We were finally all connected as one; where we had shared our thoughts, our struggles, our best and our special moments over the week. It is clear that spending our last moments at Valla Beach with every participant who took part of this extraordinary trip was a highlight. Everything was awesome, what more could you want!

Ps: As we all know all good things must come to end. It may be the end for TBL’14, but it is a beginning of lifetime friendships! We shall pass on what we have learnt to the community, family and friends. Thank you Crops for this AMAZING journey. I shall always cherish these special moments forever, ever and ever <3

By Patient Phoenix