After lunch, we visited the Emu Logic Emu Farm on the way from Wongarbon to Walgett. For many on the bus, this was their first experience of this noble creature of symbolic and cultural significance. Many of us learnt about the size of emu eggs as well as the many commercial uses of emu displayed in their souvenir store. We discovered that emu oil could be used for therapeutic purposes such as to treat eczema and joint pains, Emma in particular as well as many others were enthralled to be able to hold a recently hatched emu. It was a memorable experience to see one of the baby emus defecate on Matt’s Rabbitohs scarf. Overall, it was great to support a small business and to gain such memorable and positive experiences.

After our experience at the Emu Farm, we arrived at Walgett. Walgett was a welcoming surprise and experience for several reasons. As soon as we first stepped off the bus, the whole white group was excited as there was a huge bonfire lit in the dark foreground.

The Logical thing to say here would be that everyone is looking CHIC!

The Logical thing to say here would be that everyone is looking CHIC!

Firstly, different groups broke off to participate in a hilarious ice-breaking activity, which involved questions such as “Who was your bus crush”?

Following that, the next activity involved providing a list of hypothetical situations where people would have to make a decision whether they agreed or disagreed with such situations. The issues arising out of this activity were the importance of context, the influence of one’s environment and personal history and the importance of interpretation. Personally, I realised how extreme some of my views are and this allowed me to reflect upon personal events in my life that have shaped these beliefs.

Thompson CJ: The next activity was a more reflective and insightful activity that highlighted how diverse each individuals are and the different opportunities we are given in life. However, the lesson learnt was that despite where we come and who are, we are all on TBL together, united; for we are one, but we are many.

Xu J: I agree with the sentiments above and the court awards $2,000 in damages.

The next morning we painted the stables and the building. Everyone demonstrated the attributes of teamwork, persistence and positive mindsets. Breakfast and lunch were delicious and was served by the generosity of local community members. It was as tasty as a good ole tasty pie. Amen.

The views are of Magic Matthew and Joking Jason.