By Jenivy Sewak

"I wanted to do something new and fresh, because I've never done volunteering before in my life so I thought this was a cool way to do something that no one expected me to do. I was able to make a difference and also grow characteristically."

Rhojan, Participant

"I think true voluntary work is something you do from your heart and I feel like that's what TBL does. They're not here to make themselves or to to make any dollar dollar bills, they're here to genuinely make a difference and help towns that they visit and I love that selfishness."

Fabian, 2017 Crew Member

"To come out of TBL with the realisation that even though I am just one person and we're a small group of people, we can make a huge difference in these towns is extraordinary. TBL is such a monumental experience that you get to share with 39 strangers and I feel like that's the ultimate bonding experience, knowing you're all done it together."

Mel, Participant

"I went on TBL with no expectations because I think that's how you get the best experience. I'm here to gain a good experience, good memories and stories and most importantly, good friends. I think volunteering work is the best way to bond with others; it's amazing what you can learn from other people.

Adam, Participant

I realised the magnitude and importance of what we're doing at one point in the trip. Every single person was covered in mud, we were all exhausted, but everyone was smiling because we'd achieved something by coming together and putting in 110% effort. It felt amazing."

Olivana, Participant



"By 'paying it forward' to others, we allow ourselves to be open to a world full of learning and opportunities. It's these selfless acts of compassion that also welcome the act of giving back to the individual. This positive cycle of community engagement has every potential to inspire and empower the global citizens of today to collectively gain an understanding of how we can peacefully live together" - Jen, 2016 President

"Some of the best people in the world. Unbelievable enthusiasm, warmth and positivity!" - Lucy, 2016

"The best way to understand why this is a five star experience is to do it yourself" - Fabian, 2016

"Great experience!!! Everyone was amazing!" - Peta, 2016

"TBL has honestly been the best and life changing experience ever! I've met a bunch of likeminded, sweetest and the best people! Over the past 9 days, I've bonded with many and I've made many lifelong friendships which I am so grateful for! Working together and helping each other out has made a good difference and has left a positive impact on all of the towns from regional NSW to regional VIC. As Audrey Hepburn once said, 'As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others'. Essentially, I definitely recommend you hop on board for TBL and help make the world a better place by spreading love and kindness! " - Joselyn, 2016

"This the by far the best trip that I have ever had in my uni life and also one of the best trip that I have ever had in my life. This is definitely worth going as I had gained friendship that I would value for my entire life within 9 days. You will get to bond with some many beautiful people and this trip will definitely make your uni life better than ever. Much recommended. Love all the crews of TBL2016" - Tommy, 2016

"So everyone talked this thing up so much and I had high expectations. This experience is possibly one of those chocolate cakes that never stop tasting delicious no matter how much you eat it! It keeps on giving ! Everyday was a new challenge, new opportunity to help and learn and love! I think there aren't enough words to do what this trip meant to me justice. It was fun, emotional and full of experiences! Thank you Big Lift for lifting me up when I needed you the most" - Anushka, 2016

"A fun and life-changing opportunity to volunteer, make new friends and become a better person!" - Jodie, 2016

"The best chapter in my life. If you are a shy, afraid of public speaking, find it hard to speak to people, make friends, don't have people skills or want to give back to the Australian community and meet the amazing people, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to do all that and much more. I would go on the TBL every time it runs if I had the chance" - Omar, 2016

"I felt like I was able to make a difference as a student and give back to the community" - Wilson, 2012