Volunteers spent the day paying it forward at Lue Public School. Tasks completed were clearing out and organising a large sport shed, cleaning a chook house, organising the school’s library, lacquering the play equipment and cubby house & doing some gardening work around the school. Lifters also experienced a bush band performance organised by the local Rotary Club and had fun playing soccer tennis and bullrush with the local school kids!

- Alysson



Lifters participated in many volunteering activities from designing a racetrack garden for the students to planting a fruit garden! Students were split into 5-7 smaller groups, each carrying out a different activity assigned by the school principal, Jodee, who went above and beyond in making the volunteering experience for the volunteers memorable and exciting. Some of the service projects TBL partook in included painting, gardening, building an outdoor kitchen area, weeding, laying pavers and cementing.

- Maheen


Participants had the opportunity to work with a range of different organisations from Baradine. Starting off with Baradine Central School where students worked on cleaning up the chook farm and removing overcrowded tree branches. A few book shelves were also painted to match the interior of the school’s library. Many were also distributed at the Baradine Golf Club and the Country Women’s Association (CWA) hall. Participants worked together to remove a wire fence that ran for 1 kilometre in order to mark out new land boundaries between the club and neighbouring homes. Alongside this service project included the raking of leaves, removal of old logs and landscaping in an aim to give the club an entirely new, refurbished look. At the hall itself, students did some tidying up at the hall which was much needed given the hall hasn’t been cleaned in years. The veranda walls were brushed down for a repaint, shrubs were planted and more overcrowded branches were cut.

- Xavier 



Upon arrival, locals were grateful that we brought the rain with us. The tasks allocated were mainly held at the Dunedoo Central school whilst there was one group who were sent to help a nearby Catholic school called St Michaels. At St Michaels, students helped with activities such as painting fences, cutting fences, painting wooden planks, mulching and also painting tables. Many townspeople here were quite vocal in their appreciation of the rain and how they believed TBL had brought the rain with them. Another group worked at the Dunedoo Central school with activities that involved digging out the wooden planks nailed into the ground and laying out a nice bedding of coloured rocks, painting tables and seats astonishing colours, as well as fixing the metal shelves in the greenhouse. 

- Leon 


In the much anticipated joint town, a large group of 25 volunteers helped with the Moree Place Project at Cooee Park by doing some general cleanup, weeding and painting a mural. The mural was placed on the western fence to commemorate TBL’s engagement in the Moree community. The volunteers also helped scrape a mosaic to prepare a clean foundation for a new mosaic to be created later in the year. Additionally, lifters were at Miyay Birray, a local youth support centre, and helped clear out a shed while another group ainting and gardening at the Bank Art Museum. Since there were so many of us, lifters also assisted in cleaning up Sullivan Park and planting an Aboriginal plant in front of the Moree Police Station. 

- Gena 


We were split up to work in the state school, the rural fire service and the local pub. Amongst these three locations we did a mixture of gardening, organising, cleaning , carrying and moving materials and resources. The school had the biggest workload for us, including four different sheds that needed cleaning out and sorting, a library that needed reorganising and a largescale gardening project that involved movement of heavy rocks, logs and a whole heap of dirt. Many of the participants said this was a town where they felt like they made the biggest impact.

- Tav 


Returning to Clifton after a successful visit in 2017, the Lifters from Blue Bus teamed up with the Clifton Lion’s Club to complete numerous service projects around the town. Lifters travelled to various locations around town, including the Clifton Community Hospital, Felton Hall, the RSL Club, the Clifton State School and others, with work including gardening, weeding (with blowtorches), timber staining and painting shipping containers. During these service projects, Lifters had the chance to talk to many members of the town, gaining insights into its history and day-to-day life, an opportunity many relished. Not to brag, but Clifton was everyone’s favourite town.

- Sam 



Lifters were split into groups and allocated with certain towns people for different service projects. Group1: Cleaning the grounds at the Blackbutt Tennis Courts Group2: Garden makeover at Benarkin Group3: Went to an aged care facility for gardening Group4: General cleaning at the RSL club Group5: At the Blackbutt Show Grounds painting arena fences and walls in the hall Group6: Cleaning/sort signs in shed. Fortunate enough, lifters who finished their allocated service projects came back to the show ground to help with the fence filing and painting

- Michelle 



Lifters were greeted by our enthuasiastic town representative, Tina, split into 5 groups and set to work around the town. A few worked at the Rathdowney State School where we repainted some children's furniture white. At the front of the school, lifters tackled digging out tough weeds and bushes to clean out the area and make it look more presentable. Down at the Rathdowney Memorial Hall and Grounds we did some gardening consisting of resoiling and replanting small trees and plants, trimming hedges and plucking oranges. We also had a team give the poles for the local pony club a fresh new paint job!

- Joy 


Along the main strip of Surfers Paradise, Lifters participated in heart racing activity which lead to the much anticipated flashmob dance. With countless practices after service projects, Lifters mastered the dance to Sigala's 'Just Got Paid'. We then ended the day with a celebratory dinner at the local Indian restaurant.