13th - 15th September 2019


Berry will always be a memorable trip for me. On the first day, we worked together with Berry Land care to plant over 500 native Australian trees for the Wildlife Corridor. We saw the trees that had sprouted from the year before which was very exciting and we also learnt the importance of creating the corridor to ensure that wildlife habitats could flourish.


The people that I met during the first day were all so lovely, and I had gotten to know Darren as he helped us tow the minibus that was stuck in the mud. I felt like a part of the community even if it was just for two days; it is a feeling that is unforgettable and something I will always treasure. After a long day of planting trees, Bill Pigott invited us over to his house for some Nepalese food and it was extremely nice to meet and talk to some of the other community members that were there.


The second day involved us cutting down trees and plants that were weeds and had grown at a rapid rate. This was hard work but all the volunteers were enthusiastic and eager to get their hands dirty to cut down as much as possible. We ended the day with some free time to explore the bakeries and boutiques of Berry, and of course, the infamous Berry Doughnut Van.


Berry was a trip where I felt very comfortable in what I was doing, whether that was driving the minibus or leading a group of 20 volunteers. I felt validated as a leader and it definitely instilled a lot of confidence and my capabilities of leading a team. I don’t think I can ever stop by the Berry Doughnut Van next time and not think about this trip, and how much it meant to me.


- Gena Cao