29-31st September, 2017


29-31st September, 2017

During mid session break, 10 UTS students participated in a Little Lifts trip to Moss Vale as part of The Big Lift initiative to give back to our surrounding communities. We arrived at Moss Vale Friday night and were warmly welcomed by Donna Jensen, member of the Moss Vale Connect Christian Church Group. We stayed in their community centre for the weekend and their hospitality during our time there was very kind and generous.


We volunteered at the community centre the next day completing various activities that our 10 energetic participants smashed out throughout the day. There was a lot of work to do and we were up to the task of making sure we got it all done, and we did! This included re-mulching the playground, removing and re-planting 2 large trees, mowing and maintaining the lawns which are used by the wider Moss Vale community, re-painting various parts of the centre such as a feature wall in the auditorium, windows frames and hand railing and other various maintenance activities. It was also great to spend time with the people in their local community and have a chat with the locals, get to know them and hear their stories.


The Connect group are also part of food drive where they collect food which is close to expiry and re-distribute them to people whom may need food items or may be struggling at times. This is a great initiative which the group runs and our host Donna was kind enough to make us amazing meals over the weekend using items from the food drive.

The next day we put our hands to use at the Moss Vale Community Garden which is an organic garden run by members of the community. It was great to get our hands dirty and help with composting, de-weeding the garden beds, mowing the lawns, planting seedlings and watering the gardens. It was a great day out in the sun and experience to learn about permaculture; organic gardening. The Community Garden also organised delicious catering from the Country Women’s Association and in return the Community Garden were going do some planting for the CWA at their venue.

It was great to see community groups coming together and helping each other out. The Little Lifts participants achieved completed a wide variety of tasks over the weekend and finished everything we were allocated with time to spare! Looking forward to our next Little Lifts trip to the wonderful and beautiful town of
Moss Vale.

- Ganan Ganeshanantham

29-31st September, 2017


As part of a new effort for the Big Lift this year, we introduced a new format for our trips – Little Lifts. These trips were focused on a short weekend trip but focusing on one community over three days. This gave us the opportunity to spend more time in the communities to work on more smaller projects.

Over the weekend of 29th September to 1st October a group of ten students went to visit the township of Millthorpe. Welcomed with open arms by the Millthorpe Village Committee, providing us with some lovely supper and giving us a quick tour around town. Afterwards we settled in for the night in our accommodation at the local Arts hall. In the morning we worked along with the Village Committee by working on various projects around the town. Our first project involved working on the Mill Green. A space that was previously unused commonwealth land until the Millthorpe Garden Committee managed to repurpose the space to turn it into a wonderful community garden. Working with the Gardening Committee we helped with some gardening involving weeding and mulching. Another team helped at the local Niche Wall at the Cemetery providing some much-needed tidying and pruning. At the end of the day, everyone regrouped to work on building a new garden and pathway at the Millthorpe Golden Memories Museum.


Afterwards we were treated with a great lunch. At the night we were given the opportunity to spend dinner at one of our hosts house. Meeting again with the various members of the community who we had worked with on the day. It was a great night of exchanging stories and experiences over a wonderful meal. It was a special weekend for all involved, and an amazing experience to meet the community of Millthorpe.

- Seamus O' Sullivan