In 2015, we sent 2 busloads of students through NSW and QLD, stopping off at 4 towns each along. Both buses began their journey in Sydney before being uniting at the Emu Logic Farm, Moree Baths, and finally the Gold Coast before they continued home via Valla Beach together. And for the first time EVER in TBL history, we ran our first joint town at Narrabri, whereby both buses united and worked on multiple service projects.





Lifters worked on five service projects  - washing/cleaning fire engines, mulching a school yard, clearing and organising the local school hall, assisting with forest regeneration and general maintenance of the nearby horse racing course.


Our team tackled three service projects - gardening and landscaping the community garden, clearing out and freeing the shed from stranglehold weeds and repainting sections of the public school! We even assisted in giving their beloved school a splash of colour!


We were divided into four small groups to help out all over including planting new trees, freeing pathways and buildings from old weeds, mulching and giving old buildings a splash of colour!


In our first ever joint town, we cooked dinner together and had our annual TBLympics competition. Totally exhausted from a night of activities and late night giggles, we then all awoke the following morning with springs in our step for another fun-filled action packed day. We were divided into several smaller groups to tackle all the service projects that had been arranged such as - shovelling manure to and fro', derelict buildings a new splash of colour, general rubbish clean up, pruning and weeding gardens! 


Eager to repay the kindness of a delicious dinner, Lifters worked on a variety of service projects ranging from gardening, raking up autumn leaves, sprucing up old storerooms, dusting and cleaning windows.


Awoken by the pleasant aroma of bacon and eggs, Lifters dived straight into our service projects for the day to repay the favour! Here, we infused new colour into old handball courts, reorganised the local storeroom, raked up scattering mulch and cleaned up rubbish all over the town.

Appreciative for the assortment of dinner options courteously supplied by the locals; on the following morning with unprecedented fervour, we attacked our one major service project - moving large chunks of wood from location to another!


After being woken up by chilling temperatures, we quickly guzzled down breaky and attacked two service projects - planting trees as well as edible crops and removing countless weeds from the nearby environmental park.


After devouring the delicious handmade soups, we found ourselves buzzing with energy and ready for our final day of service projects which included clearing up the community garden, cleaning and dusting windows at the local hall, and repainting the wooden picks that surrounded the cemetery.

With both buses reunited once again, we held our annual #Bigmazing Race photo hunt which saw a sea of blue and white racing across Surfer's Paradise. We then took to Cavill Mall to perform Random Acts of Kindness before congregating together shortly after to give our lucky, unsuspecting members of the public a taste of our flashmob dance to our bus anthem 'Shut Up and Dance'!


After rolling into Valla Beach at night and cooking ourselves a traditional TBL BBQ, it was then talent to shine in the Bus Idol! The competition was fierce as both buses vied against each other to take home the title, in which White Bus were crowned winners. We then had the opportunity to reflect on our experiences, lessons learnt, new perspectives and friendships developed.