Lifters were divided into small groups to execute various projects. Some cleaned inside the Historical Museum as some tidied up the gardens to allow flowers to peek through. Some of the boys even climbed onto the roof to clear the gutters.! Afterwards, we were invited to explore the vintage collections of the museum for free!


Here, we split up into two groups with fifteen heading to Peak Hill Showground to do some painting. The rest went to the local nature walk where we did a variety of tasks including restoring, boardwalks, steps, paths, weeding, planting trees and creating guards for trees to protect them.


The bus was split into three groups with each tackling a separate task of painting, olive picking, mulching and tree planting. Everyone was proud of what we accomplished in the town, exceeding the expectations of the community.


With a total of 80 lifters, there were multiple projects for us to jump on board! This included basic labouring tasks at the Walgett Community Garden, a grueling exercise of excavating and creating a new sandpit for the primary school as well as repainting the giant serpent and snakes & ladders outline at the school yard.


In Tingha, we assisted BEST Nursery to deconstruct two shade houses that were held down by concrete and mud. These shade houses were going to be relocated to provide shelter for fresh produce that will be distributed to over 100 households in Tingha!


We tackled several projects which included cleaning windows of shops in towns, vacuuming and cleaning the interiors and painting the exterior of the public school as well as weeding and tidying up the garden beds.


Lifters visited a community centre for people with mental and emotional needs. We built the fences from scratch; starting with the cement with the help of the local tradesmen!


Here, we split into eight smaller groups to work on a variety of projects across the town. Students helped out at the Clifton Railway Garden by trimming, weeding, hammering horseshoes and realigning fences. we also did some weeding and wheelbarrowing peanut shell mulch around the Clifton Medical Centre and Clifton Lions Club. Few of us did some painting at the Dabblers' Art Centre and others helped out at the stables.


We volunteered with Blackbutt and Benarkin Aged Care Association; painting signs and cleaning the storage shed out for the Scott Haven Bloomin Beautiful Blackbutt Festival. We also painted and re-coated the facilities at the Blackbutt Show Society and show grounds; tree planting and mulching with the local landcare group FEAT.


Here, we engaged into our Pay It Forward spirit; carrying out Random Acts of Kindness! Afterwards, the much anticipated flashmob to "There's nothing holding me back"; we gathered and danced away with smiles, enthusiasm and joy in the heart of the surfer's paradise strip. It was a perfect way to embrace the newly formed friendships formed on the trip.